How to find High PR DoFollow Micro Blogging (Web 2.0) Sites

What are Micro blogging sites?

Micro blogging may be a broadcasting that exists within the type of blogging. Micro blogs "allow users to exchange tiny components of content like short sentences, individual pictures, or video links", which can be the foremost reason for his or her quality. These tiny messages ar generally referred to as micro posts.

Example of Micro blogging site

A micro blog may be a blogging platform wherever the number of knowledge that may be shared per author is either implemented to be terribly short, or simply usually terribly short. Example. the foremost common samples of micro blogs square measure Twitter and Tumbler. Twitter limits users' posts – known as “tweets” - to one hundred forty characters.

Most of your time, individuals or firms use Micro blogging websites to share daily updates, like personal standing, web site standing, new merchandise, breaking news, etc. it's the quick thanks to share the most recent data.

Micro blogging is also a good platform of interacting with customers and potential purchasers, further as connecting with friends and members of the family.

There are some free blogging sites , where you can post or submit your blog -